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    #TBT in interior design. Peach and green bedroom from the 80's More on blog Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

    #TBT – 1980’s Bedroom In Peach And Green Is Out Of Style

    It’s time to look back at the designs of the past. This 1980’s bedroom shows the era’s style.  Thirty-three years ago, when I started Window Designs Etc, the styles were VERY different than today. Fortunately, I invested in some good photography for my, then hand carried a leather portfolio. The photos do tell the story of how interior design and custom window treatments have evolved over the years.

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    Hand painted polka dot curtain rod. See more at www.WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Throwback Thursday – Nursery From The Early 90’s

    Timeless Nursery Interior Design

    Twenty-four years later and this adorable nursery is still in style today.  A non-gender specific theme of teddy bears is the theme for this Shrewsbury, MA nursery. A Designer’s Guild fabric was selected from London. Attention to detail is a true sign of custom.  Check out the hand painted rod the curtain ties onto.

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    TBT Throwback Thursday Holden Massachusetts classic pink and green swags and cascades compliment plaid chairs circa 1996. Please visit WindowDesignsEtc.com for more info.

    Throwback Thursday – Mauve and Seafoam Swags and Cascades

    Do you remember Mauve and Seafoam?

    Pinky mauve and seafoam green were popular colors 20 years ago.  Window Designs Etc. custom made these swags and cascades for a Holden, MA home. These are a variety of the traditional swag and cascades. Notice the style variety of the swags. Instead of the pleats forming at the ends, some of the pleats originate in the middle creating a fan effect.

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    TBT throwback Thursday Holden Massachusetts bathroom features a shower curtain, balloon valance over a Hunter Douglas Silhouette and a custom painted feature below the window circa 1997. More details at www.WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Throwback Thursday – A 1990 Guest Bath Design – Fabric Inspired Mural

    Styles and design trends have changed a lot in the 32 years I’ve been in interior design.  As I look back at photos of some projects, the year they were designed is evident. Were they fabulous then? Yes!  Are they still fabulous now?  You decide and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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    #TBT Throwback Thursday Draped swags with cording and tassels on an arched top window Window Designs Etc by Marie Mouradian Sterling Massachusetts

    Throwback Thursday – A Design Blast From The Past – Too Much Icing

    Arch Top Window Treatment With Draped Cord – Too Much Icing

    Most of the McMansions feature large arched top windows the homeowner doesn’t know how to treat themselves.  No wonder us window treatment designers loved the architects of the 1980’s! This Sterling, Massachusetts client didn’t want anything too “heavy” on her window in the family room so we selected this light and airy neutral sheer fabric.

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    TBT Northborough Massachusetts bay window treated with draped or throw swags wrapped around a fabric shirred PVC pole Circa 1989

    Throwback Thursday – 80’s Style A Design Blast From The Past

    Plumbing Supplies on the Window

    Do you remember what the 80’s style of window treatments were? What happens when a Master Plumber marries a custom window treatment designer?  Plumbing PVC pipe becomes the hardware on the windows of her designs! Yes, it was quite convenient for our professions to merge but we were following the 80’s style trend of fabric covered 2 1/2″ diameter rods.

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    #TBT A look back at some designs from the past 32 years of Window Designs Etc. See more at http://www.WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Throwback Thursday – 1980’s Master Bedroom Design

    Design Blast From The Past

    Late 1980’s Master Bedroom

    What was the home decor style for a 1980’s master bedroom? Here’s a design blast from the past, the late 1980’s. Everything was roses and lilies and every other type of flower on a very large-scale.  Pastels were hot and mauve was the reigning queen!

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