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    Detail of valance is a variation of a balloon and relaxed Roman shade in white matelasse with contrasting yellow in the pleats.

    The Beach House Series – Sunshine Yellow Cape Cod Bedroom

     Sunny Bedroom 

    This Cape Cod bedroom is the final room I’ve decorated in the Cape Cod Beach House Series.  This room is like a perfect beach day with sunshine yellow walls and accents of seashells.  

    What’s wrong with this window?

      The homeowner added this beach theme lace ready-made valance onto the existing curtain rod.

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    Covered buttons and sea glass

    The Beach House Series – Sea Glass Bathroom

     Cape Cod Sea Glass Bathroom


    Sea shells are abundant on the beaches of  Cape Cod, sea glass not so much.  It’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps me searching for a rare tumbled smooth shard of glass. What I’m really attracted to is the cool shades of greens and blues.

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    Lighthouse window treatment

    The Beach House Series – Shells And Lighthouses Decorate Cape Cod Master Bedroom

     Cape Cod Master Bedroom

    A restful night’s sleep is a “shore” thing in this Cape Cod master bedroom. The sound of waves along the shell speckled shore and a lighthouse horn in the distance are the formula for a good night’s sleep while on the Cape.  The client fell in love with the casual comfort of the chambray patchwork of the Ralph Lauren bedding.

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    Fabrics and shells for Cape bedroom

    The Beach House Series – Cape Cod Beach To Window Treatments

    Beachcombing For Shell Window Treatments

    Shell window treatments start by a favorite pastime for many Cape Cod beach lovers.  Exploring the beach at low tide leaves miles of sand and it’s treasures exposed. I’ve found thousands of large clam or quahog shells along the beaches of Cape Cod Bay. Being a firm believer inspiration is everywhere, using these, somehow, to create an uber custom window treatment for a beach house needed to happen.

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    Close up of the beach themed valance.

    The Beach House Series – Cape Cod Dining Room

    Holding Onto Summer

    Ah no, say it isn’t so, Labor Day is fast approaching, signaling the end of summer. The sun is setting earlier and the nights are a bit cooler. Although I love the changing seasons, I’ll dig my toes a little deeper into the sand to hold onto summer as long as I can.

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    Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.

    Sunday Thoughts – Finding Design Inspiration While At The Beach On Cape Cod

    Interior Design Inspiration At The Beach

    I am passionate about window treatments, as if you didn’t already know that.  I love this business so much, even after 30 years, that I manage to find inspiration for my unique designs in the most unusual places. Most of the time the weekend does not mean I leave my projects behind.

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    In The Studio~Underwater Theme For Cape Cod Dining Room

    New England’s changing seasons bring a variety of weather but this Cape Cod home will be able to enjoy the feel of cool ocean waves and sandy beaches all year round. A beach house dining room gets a beach themed update. The naked window The photo above is how the window looked when we began.

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    Materials for Guest Room

    In the Studio~Sea Shells

    Look what arrived in the studio this week! Are you wondering if this is a blog about window treatments or has it been hacked by someone writing about the beach? Yes, they will be incorporated into a window treatment. I noticed these shells in a bowl while at my client’s beach escape on Cape Cod. 

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