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    Are You A Dedicated Patriots Fan? You’ll Want This Room!

    How about a Patriots room? All of the cheering and praying in family rooms across New England helped the Patriots win the championship. Before the big game, I designed a room for each team’s fans.  Check them out here. I’ve made some more customization to the Patriots fan room. Your home should include what you are passionate about!

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    Where Would You Rather Watch Super Bowl 49?

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  East meets west as the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve been glued to the TV all afternoon watching the pregame hype. The colors of the teams have inspired me to design a room that any true fan from each team would watch the game in.

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    The right way to arrange furniture in a family room to be warm and cozy. How to arrange your room to be warm and cozy. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

    How To Arrange Your Family Room To Feel Warm And Cozy

    So many homes I go into have their furniture arranged the same was as the day they moved in. “How do you feel about the sofa being against the wall and the chair over in this corner.” I ask Typically the client answers “I know it doesn’t work but they’re there because I had no idea how else to arrange the room.” It’s a good thing when a client realizes they need to consult a professional.

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    A professionally designed family room

    Room of the Week-It’s All About Comfort

    Comfort for Family and Friends

    A professionally designed room that incorporates many patterns blending together. The window treatments are a simple design that is made unique by the creative combination of fabrics. Pillows repeat the fabrics from the window treatments. Each of the accessories have special meaning to the homeowner. I was called into this home while it was undergoing a major remodel.

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    Window Treatment Wednesday-Cornices, Swags, Decorative Hardware, Luminettes and Silhouettes

    Upholstered box cornices top a four panel slider and three windows in this open floor plan family room in Sutton, MA.  Draped swags soften the straight and hard lines of the cornices.  Decorative iron rosettes complete the corner details of the swags. Looking down on the Family Room from the second floor loft.

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