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    Custom window treatment, heart on door and a sneak peek of my winter reading chair. Click thru to see more. -- Window Designs Etc. By Marie Mouradian

    Sneak Peek – Winter Reading Chair

    Who doesn’t love a good book to carry you away to a magical land? Of course, where you are reading makes a big difference in the experience. I couldn’t do a beach read while at a ski lodge. I get more immersed while my toes are dug deep into the sands of Cape Cod!

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    The same window with a different window treatment of black check curtains with wreaths.

    Holiday Window Ideas – Part 3 of 3

    Deck the windows with boughs of holly,

    fa la la la la la la

    The most popular window to add holiday decorations to is the window above the kitchen sink.  Adding water to the tea kettle or doing the dishes, the window we look out of might as well be decorated for Christmas too.

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    My Kitchen Sink

    My Kitchen Sink – Capturing The View

    My Kitchen Sink

    I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera to capture this view of my kitchen sink.  After most of the hydrangea blossoms began to dry and change color, this hardy blue beauty appeared.  My walls are painted hydrangea blue. The window treatments are OLD but I don’t have the heart to change them just yet.

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    Inspiring View – Designing Spaces To Comfort, Warm, and Nurture

    Winter Morning Window

    When I look up from the design rendering I’m working on, this is my view. When I’m not out consulting at a client’s home or office, I work from home.  I have a large studio which houses all of my samples (thousands of them), cutting table and various machines.

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    Happy Weekend – A Peek At My Home

    Sharing a few of my favorite things

    The weekend is here!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer. In my home, I like to change-up the decorating so there is a bit of the season in every corner. Summer Inspiration In Our Powder Room I LOVE…
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  • Decorative cookie packages – it’s all about the packaging right?
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    Things I love

    Design Detail-Use what you’re passionate about in your decor

    The details in these decorative accessories are a reflection of my passion. I LOVE window treatments!

    “I am going to make everything around me beautiful.  That will be my life” ~ Elise de Wolfe

    Do you have what you are passionate about displayed in your home? Contact me today to begin transforming your house into the home you love to live in.

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