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    Are You A Dedicated Patriots Fan? You’ll Want This Room!

    How about a Patriots room? All of the cheering and praying in family rooms across New England helped the Patriots win the championship. Before the big game, I designed a room for each team’s fans.  Check them out here. I’ve made some more customization to the Patriots fan room. Your home should include what you are passionate about!

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    Where Would You Rather Watch Super Bowl 49?

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  East meets west as the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve been glued to the TV all afternoon watching the pregame hype. The colors of the teams have inspired me to design a room that any true fan from each team would watch the game in.

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    Design rendering of a custom window treatment with draperies and a scaloped valance with a center jabot and cascades at the sides. See more on WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Window Treatment Wednesday, #WTW, Which Valance Would You Choose?

    The home office/library of a CFL (Client for Life) in Princeton, MA needs updating. Here’s the BEFORE photo. The “pouf” valance is dated.  It looks like I got my days mixed up and should be posting in the #TBT (Throw back Thursday) series. Window Designs Etc. did not make this window treatment.

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    Fabrics and shells for Cape bedroom

    The Beach House Series – Cape Cod Beach To Window Treatments

    Beachcombing For Shell Window Treatments

    Shell window treatments start by a favorite pastime for many Cape Cod beach lovers.  Exploring the beach at low tide leaves miles of sand and it’s treasures exposed. I’ve found thousands of large clam or quahog shells along the beaches of Cape Cod Bay. Being a firm believer inspiration is everywhere, using these, somehow, to create an uber custom window treatment for a beach house needed to happen.

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    Which Collection Would You Choose?

    Upholstery Fabric Choices

    I’m working with a client on selecting fabric for upholstery on four sofas, yes 4!  It is in a large gathering room of a church where meetings and receptions are held. A fifth sofa has already been upholstered in a rich burgundy red velvet.
    We could really use your help.

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    Trend Fabrics Timeless Embroidery and RM Coco faux raw silk

    In The Studio – Classic Swags And Cascades

    Classic Style

    Classic Swags and Cascades are Simple and Elegant 

    The design rendering to show the client exactly what the treatment will look like in the fabrics selected.  Classic swags and cascades are a timeless window treatment. The fabric is cut in a rather odd shape.  Pleats are formed along the top with lots of fullness that falls into graceful curving swags.

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    In The Studio~Moreland Valance Accented In Tangerine Tango

    Tangerine Tango Asymmetric Moreland Valance 

    On the work table-Dust board covered in matching fabric. A custom tangerine tango asymmetric valance is ready for installation in a Shrewsbury, MA home. Unless using decorative hardware, most custom window treatments mount onto a dust board that attaches to the wall.  I believe every aspect of a window treatment should be custom so I cover the board with matching fabric.

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    Cascade or jabot folded on pattern in red and gold with decorative trim. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian www.windowdesignsetc.com

    In The Studio~The Details Of A Custom Window Treatment

    Custom window treatment details set them apart from ready made curtains. All window treatments are not equal.  Here’s a peek at some construction details.

    “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.”

    Giorgio Armani The materials-A jewel tone stripe with a golden damask over weave from RM Coco and a decorative gimp for the finishing details.

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    In The Studio~Underwater Theme For Cape Cod Dining Room

    New England’s changing seasons bring a variety of weather but this Cape Cod home will be able to enjoy the feel of cool ocean waves and sandy beaches all year round. A beach house dining room gets a beach themed update. The naked window The photo above is how the window looked when we began.

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    RM Coco Fabric

    Did You Know……I Do Custom Bedding Too?

    One aspect of the Etc. is custom bedding

    A quick post on a Friday evening before I leave the studio. I recently purchased new software that will help people envision their custom bedding options.  I would guess that you never thought of the hundreds, yes hundreds, of choices to cover your bed.

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    RM Coco Fabric

    In the Studio-Picture Window Transformation

    The Before

    The Holden, MA homeowners attempt at treating this picture window in their living room came up short on style, design, function and quality. A quick fix resulted in wasted money, time and frustration.

    In the Studio

    This beautiful RM Coco fabric is 100% combed cotton. The warm toned floral print will work great in the new design.

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    Arched swags

    Elegant Arch Top Window Swags and Drapes

    An arch top window is dressed with custom made elegant swags and panels for a home office/library in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.  A few weeks ago I wrote about this project In The Studio.  The yardage and rendering have become a reality. Elegant Arch Top Window Treatment Take a look at what this window looked like before.

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    Rendering of arched window

    In the Studio-Jacquard, Sheer, Beads and Tassel

    Rendering of approved design with specification details. We are working on this arched top window treatment for a home office/library.  I use Studio to design the treatment right on a photo of the client’s window.  The fabric selections are inserted into the line drawing.  All of the details are given so there are no surprises.

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    Materials for Guest Room

    In the Studio~Sea Shells

    Look what arrived in the studio this week! Are you wondering if this is a blog about window treatments or has it been hacked by someone writing about the beach? Yes, they will be incorporated into a window treatment. I noticed these shells in a bowl while at my client’s beach escape on Cape Cod. 

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