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    Custom window treatment, heart on door and a sneak peek of my winter reading chair. Click thru to see more. -- Window Designs Etc. By Marie Mouradian

    Sneak Peek – Winter Reading Chair

    Who doesn’t love a good book to carry you away to a magical land? Of course, where you are reading makes a big difference in the experience. I couldn’t do a beach read while at a ski lodge. I get more immersed while my toes are dug deep into the sands of Cape Cod!

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    The right way to arrange furniture in a family room to be warm and cozy. How to arrange your room to be warm and cozy. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

    How To Arrange Your Family Room To Feel Warm And Cozy

    So many homes I go into have their furniture arranged the same was as the day they moved in. “How do you feel about the sofa being against the wall and the chair over in this corner.” I ask Typically the client answers “I know it doesn’t work but they’re there because I had no idea how else to arrange the room.” It’s a good thing when a client realizes they need to consult a professional.

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    How to warm up your home for winter. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian Use textured fabric like this chenille from RM Coco

    4 Simple Ways To Warm Up Your Home For Winter

    Finally, snow is here in New England and it feels like winter. Changing your decor will warm up your home for winter. Here are 4 simple and easy ways to add warmth to your interior.

     1. Add textures

    The look and feel of textured fabrics – wool, chenille, suede and velvet – add tremendous comfort and coziness to a room.

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