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    The relatives are coming for Christmas and you have NAKED windows! See some great solutions here

    More Holiday Solutions For Naked Windows And A Special Offer

    More ways to cover up your naked windows

    Yikes, the holidays came quickly this year, life got in the way and you just didn’t get to contacting me about those NAKED windows. Home Alone Now the relatives are coming for Christmas and you can hear Aunt Agnes saying “Dear, when ARE you going to do some decorating around here!”.

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    Needlepoint Pillow

    6 Ways to Decorate with Your Personal Creations

    Decorate Your Home with Your Talents

    Maybe it’s the long winter that is keeping us indoors or we are looking for a way to express ourselves, but there is a huge surge in adult creative crafting.  I have heard from so many of you that you are knitting, quilting, painting, sewing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, doing needlework or planning your spring garden.

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    Spring-Bring Some New Life to Your Interior Decorating

      Nothing says “It’s Spring” as much as a bouquet of daffodils.   Happy first day of Spring! Over the next several posts I’ll show some very easy and doable tips to refresh your home for Spring.

    Bring in Some Life

    Real plants and flowers are so much nicer than the browned dried floral arrangements and the dust collecting silks.

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    Get Ready to Decorate!

    Surround Yourself With The Things You Love Is there an area of your home that needs some attention?  Every time you walk by, does it make you feel uncomfortable? In just a few short steps I will show you how to refresh an area such as your mantel, desk, dresser or kitchen counter.

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