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    Favorite red fabrics by Duralee on Window Designs Etc. By Marie Mouradian

    Sensational RED Fabrics You Will Fall In Love With

    Red – The color of love

    Red is the color we pay the most attention to. It’s the most energetic color, it’s hot and dramatic. Red is the color of love, passion, and desire; red hearts, red roses. A “red-letter day” is terrific; wearing a “scarlet letter” marks you as untouchable. On the flip side, red is for danger, speed, and anger.

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    Pink and Orange samples from Fabricut at Alianthus in the Boston Design Center. Marie Mouradian www.WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Color Trends – Orange and Pink

    Orange and Pink

    A trip into the Boston Design Center last week reaffirmed my love of the combination of pink and orange. Scanning the newest fabric collections in my favorite showrooms, I found lots of samples to share. This is an interesting color trend.  Each color brings differing emotions. Perhaps we are in a state of flux and can’t decide how we feel?

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    White peonies on a Fabricut fabric. Please visit WindowDesignsEtc.com for more information.

    Fabric and Flowers – Peonies

    Is it just me or are we having a peony explosion? Gorgeous photos of peonies show up on social media and in my blog feed daily. These are some of my faves for you to check out – The Pink Pagoda,  A Design Snack and Fresh American Ranging in color from pure white to deep magenta, each variety is a natural study in color.

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    Wall of bold Marimekko prints at the flagship store in Helsinki, Finland. See more Marimekko on WindowDesignsEtc.com by Marie Mouradian

    Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask And I Share Design Styles

    Large scale bold patterns and colorful designs are the style for all soft home furnishings this season.  Marimekko, the Finnish design house, has been known for this style since 1951. The popular design leader fell out of style in the 1980’s and literally disappeared from the retail market in the United States.

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    The Summer Palace and Longevity Hill in Beijing, China. Apple or cherry blossoms in the foreground.

    I Brought You Some Springtime From China

    Springtime in China

    I was off on another exotic trip last week.  55 of us from the Wachusett Area Chamber of Commerce, where I am a board member, traveled to China for a luscious taste of the Chinese culture.  It is a beautiful country, what I saw of it at least.

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    Benjamin Moore paint deck showing an array of pinks. Notice the sweet names.

    PINK Home Decorating

      PINK…It’s Not Just A Color…it’s an Attitude!

    Pink Home Decorating

    Vinyl decal can be found here I love the combination of the vibrant magenta pink with grays and beiges.  It’s a great pairing of neutrals with a pop of excitement after all PINK  home decorating adds a little drama to every room.

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    Green fabrics by Charlotte Moss Fabricut

    Charlotte Moss Style From Fabricut

    Charlotte Moss’ Fabric Line

    Sample books and memo samples shown in your own home is the best way to select the perfect fabric for your room. Fabricut, one of my leading fabric companies, has partnered with Charlotte Moss to create this unique collection.  All of the fabrics intermingle together to tell a story.

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    Which Collection Would You Choose?

    Upholstery Fabric Choices

    I’m working with a client on selecting fabric for upholstery on four sofas, yes 4!  It is in a large gathering room of a church where meetings and receptions are held. A fifth sofa has already been upholstered in a rich burgundy red velvet.
    We could really use your help.

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    Scalamandré Zebra Umbrella

    The Iconic Scalamandré Zebra

    Every Fabric Has A Story

    The Scalamandre zebra is a pattern that has quite the story to tell. Earlier this month I attended Design Boston 2011 at the Boston Design Center. Between all the inspiring speakers, I was snapping pictures left and right. All the showrooms had the best of the best displayed.

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    Embroidery Detail

    Favorite Fabrics

    I am passionate about this fabric.  It is from a collection that has been out a few years by RM Coco.  Every time I am searching for a fabric for a client and come across this my heart skips a beat. Favorite Fabric-100% embroidered silk from India- A RM Coco Exclusive Sadly, I have never used this colorway in any of my designs.  

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