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    Stage furniture by Currey and Company Design Bloggers Conference 2015......more on the blog WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Inspiration and Fun At The Design Bloggers Conference 2015

    Last week I traveled to Atlanta, GA to attend Design Bloggers Conference 2015. I attended  last year for the first time and loved it, I couldn’t wait to return. I was inspired and energized being with my design and blogging friends.  Little did I know how much more fun and excitement was in store for my second conference.


    Fabric And Food – Healthy Smoothie While In The Circus

    Fabric – Duralee – Chinese Acrobats – 21022-139 Summer It’s been a real circus around here lately. Catching up and keeping up with clients after I’ve been away is my priority. In between, I’ve been working on a few posts about my amazing time at Design Bloggers Conference. As always, I took lots of pictures to share with you.

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    Favorite red fabrics by Duralee on Window Designs Etc. By Marie Mouradian

    Sensational RED Fabrics You Will Fall In Love With

    Red – The color of love

    Red is the color we pay the most attention to. It’s the most energetic color, it’s hot and dramatic. Red is the color of love, passion, and desire; red hearts, red roses. A “red-letter day” is terrific; wearing a “scarlet letter” marks you as untouchable. On the flip side, red is for danger, speed, and anger.

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    Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life by Shannon Ables On The Bookshelf of Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

    On The Book Shelf – Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life

      Background fabric is Cuthbertson – Radish from Fabricut In my search for design and lifestyle podcasts, I discovered The Simple Sophisticate in iTunes. I like to listen to something uplifting and inspiring while driving or on my daily walks.  The Simple Sophisticate weekly podcast faithfully shows up in the downloads on my iPhone early Monday mornings.

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    Where Would You Rather Watch Super Bowl 49?

    It’s Super Bowl Sunday.  East meets west as the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks. I’ve been glued to the TV all afternoon watching the pregame hype. The colors of the teams have inspired me to design a room that any true fan from each team would watch the game in.

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    Pink and Orange samples from Fabricut at Alianthus in the Boston Design Center. Marie Mouradian www.WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Color Trends – Orange and Pink

    Orange and Pink

    A trip into the Boston Design Center last week reaffirmed my love of the combination of pink and orange. Scanning the newest fabric collections in my favorite showrooms, I found lots of samples to share. This is an interesting color trend.  Each color brings differing emotions. Perhaps we are in a state of flux and can’t decide how we feel?

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    White peonies on a Fabricut fabric. Please visit WindowDesignsEtc.com for more information.

    Fabric and Flowers – Peonies

    Is it just me or are we having a peony explosion? Gorgeous photos of peonies show up on social media and in my blog feed daily. These are some of my faves for you to check out – The Pink Pagoda,  A Design Snack and Fresh American Ranging in color from pure white to deep magenta, each variety is a natural study in color.

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    Wall of bold Marimekko prints at the flagship store in Helsinki, Finland. See more Marimekko on WindowDesignsEtc.com by Marie Mouradian

    Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask And I Share Design Styles

    Large scale bold patterns and colorful designs are the style for all soft home furnishings this season.  Marimekko, the Finnish design house, has been known for this style since 1951. The popular design leader fell out of style in the 1980’s and literally disappeared from the retail market in the United States.

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    The Summer Palace and Longevity Hill in Beijing, China. Apple or cherry blossoms in the foreground.

    I Brought You Some Springtime From China

    Springtime in China

    I was off on another exotic trip last week.  55 of us from the Wachusett Area Chamber of Commerce, where I am a board member, traveled to China for a luscious taste of the Chinese culture.  It is a beautiful country, what I saw of it at least.

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    Benjamin Moore paint deck showing an array of pinks. Notice the sweet names.

    PINK Home Decorating

      PINK…It’s Not Just A Color…it’s an Attitude!

    Pink Home Decorating

    Vinyl decal can be found here I love the combination of the vibrant magenta pink with grays and beiges.  It’s a great pairing of neutrals with a pop of excitement after all PINK  home decorating adds a little drama to every room.

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    Best of 2013 – Window Designs Etc. Year In Review

    Happy New Year

    Cheers to the best of 2013. It was a fabulous year for Window Designs Etc.  Was there one big project? No, like life, it’s the little moments that become more significant than the big ones. I created this video of some of the projects I worked on this past year.

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    The same window with a different window treatment of black check curtains with wreaths.

    Holiday Window Ideas – Part 3 of 3

    Deck the windows with boughs of holly,

    fa la la la la la la

    The most popular window to add holiday decorations to is the window above the kitchen sink.  Adding water to the tea kettle or doing the dishes, the window we look out of might as well be decorated for Christmas too.

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    Roman shades and classic draperies are dressed for the holidays with a simple green wreath from House Beautiful. More on the blog www.windowdesignsetc.com

    Windows Decked Out For The Holidays – Part 2 of 3

    Deck the windows with boughs of holly,

    fa la la la la la la

    Here are lots more holiday window decorating ideas. Exploring around on the web, I’ve found some more stunning window treatments that are made even better with holiday decorations. As you are decorating your home for the holidays remember to decorate the windows too.

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    Arched top windows are adorned with a big bow and a glitzy statement ornament for the holidays. More on the blog www.windowdesignsetc.com

    Windows Decked Out For The Holidays – Part 1 of 3

    Deck the windows with boughs of holly,

    fa la la la la la la

    It’s time for holiday window decorating as you prepare your home for the holidays. Perusing the internet, I have found some drop dead gorgeous window treatments that are made even better with holiday decorations.

    Holiday Window Decorating

    There’s nothing but pure JOY in this dining room.

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    Completed Butternut Squash and Apple soup. Recipe on the blog- WindowDesignsEtc.com

    Butternut Apple Soup – Fabric and Food

    Fall’s Favorite Food

    Fall has displayed some of the most spectacular color in years.  The change in temperatures brings about cravings for the season’s favorite foods. When our daughter came home from college with a request for Butternut Squash and Apple Soup,  I happily obliged. I posted some pictures over on Facebook and got lots of requests for the recipe.

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    Today Show sofa with pillows

    Today Show Design – New, Fresh and Trendy for 2013

    Lydia Marks


    Lydia Marks-Linkedin Who is she?  I had never heard of her until last week’s sneak peek of the Today Show Design of it’s newly remodeled set. Lydia Marks is the designer behind the updated setting of America’s favorite morning show. Studio 1A is new, refreshed, youthful and a bit retro.

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    Fabric and Food- French Donut Muffins on Fabricut embroidered linen

    French Donut Muffins – Pairing Home Decor With Food


    French Doughnut Muffins on Fabricut Hybris-Lemondrop Embroidered Linen From India

    French donut muffins have become a family favorite. Food is essential to our lives.  Cooking with high-quality ingredients and presenting it well turns ordinary food into a feast. I was inspired to make these French Doughnut Muffins after our morning visits to Underground Bakery in Dennis Village, Cape Cod.

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    Beach baskets in Warnemunde Germany with awnings

    Strandkorb – Your Private Beach Basket Oasis

    A Different Kind of Beach House

      Imagine if you didn’t have to lug all the essential  “stuff” to the beach every time you wanted to relax in the sun and the sand.

    Strandkorb – Warnemunde, Germany

    At Warnemunde Beach in Germany, your own Strandkorb holds your spot of real estate on the Baltic Sea.

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    Green fabrics by Charlotte Moss Fabricut

    Charlotte Moss Style From Fabricut

    Charlotte Moss’ Fabric Line

    Sample books and memo samples shown in your own home is the best way to select the perfect fabric for your room. Fabricut, one of my leading fabric companies, has partnered with Charlotte Moss to create this unique collection.  All of the fabrics intermingle together to tell a story.

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    Black and Gold shoes

    Thoughts On A Rainy Friday Evening

    Rainy Friday Afternoon

    Here it is the middle of June and it is only 54 degrees out with a steady rain.  It’s a cup of hot tea and sweatshirt kind of afternoon.  The pace of life begins to slow on Friday afternoons.  Our house takes on a different atmosphere than other evenings of the week.

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    Inspiring View – Designing Spaces To Comfort, Warm, and Nurture

    Winter Morning Window

    When I look up from the design rendering I’m working on, this is my view. When I’m not out consulting at a client’s home or office, I work from home.  I have a large studio which houses all of my samples (thousands of them), cutting table and various machines.

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    Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.

    Sunday Thoughts – Finding Design Inspiration While At The Beach On Cape Cod

    Interior Design Inspiration At The Beach

    I am passionate about window treatments, as if you didn’t already know that.  I love this business so much, even after 30 years, that I manage to find inspiration for my unique designs in the most unusual places. Most of the time the weekend does not mean I leave my projects behind.

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    Which Collection Would You Choose?

    Upholstery Fabric Choices

    I’m working with a client on selecting fabric for upholstery on four sofas, yes 4!  It is in a large gathering room of a church where meetings and receptions are held. A fifth sofa has already been upholstered in a rich burgundy red velvet.
    We could really use your help.

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    Happy Weekend – A Peek At My Home

    Sharing a few of my favorite things

    The weekend is here!  I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer. In my home, I like to change-up the decorating so there is a bit of the season in every corner. Summer Inspiration In Our Powder Room I LOVE…
  • Fun little inspiring books
  • Decorative cookie packages – it’s all about the packaging right?
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    Creative Artwork, A New Book and Spring Paint Styles

    Sharing a few of the favorite things that have inspired me this week.

         Like most people, I spend a lot of time on the computer.  As a designer I am always searching and researching new ideas and products to bring into my clients homes.      These are just a few that have caught my eye and started my creative juices flowing.

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    There Won’t Be A Regular Blog Post Today~Window Fashion VISION Has Arrived!

    There will be no regular blog post today. Window Fashion VISION arrived in the mail! Coffee break is defiantly going to be longer than usual. Delving through the latest trends, design, details, fashion and inspiration may take the entire afternoon. Do you have a VISION for your windows? Contact me today to begin transforming your house into the home you love to live in.

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    Scalamandré Zebra Umbrella

    The Iconic Scalamandré Zebra

    Every Fabric Has A Story

    The Scalamandre zebra is a pattern that has quite the story to tell. Earlier this month I attended Design Boston 2011 at the Boston Design Center. Between all the inspiring speakers, I was snapping pictures left and right. All the showrooms had the best of the best displayed.

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    Things I love

    Design Detail-Use what you’re passionate about in your decor

    The details in these decorative accessories are a reflection of my passion. I LOVE window treatments!

    “I am going to make everything around me beautiful.  That will be my life” ~ Elise de Wolfe

    Do you have what you are passionate about displayed in your home? Contact me today to begin transforming your house into the home you love to live in.

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    Soho Arts Co. – Artful Living And Giving in Hyannis, MA

    Window Shopping on Cape Cod

    What does one do when at the beach and it is raining?……Go shopping of course!  Betsy Young, the owner of the Soho Arts Co., has a keen eye on taste and all things unique.  Here are a few things on my wish list. This cute frame is such a fun use of leftover fabric.

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    Red White and Blue dishes

    Friday Favorties

    Sharing a few of my favorite things

    Fresh local strawberries, so sweet and oh how I love that color! Polka dots, cherries and white cutwork; the memories of 4th of July weekend linger. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me..... “Here, I picked these just for you.” I hope they make you smile.

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    Happy 4th of July!

    A few ways to celebrate our great country’s independence

    Pottery Barn Start the day with a big family breakfast. Pinterest via Flickr Plump fresh berries in pure white bowls satisfy any patriotic get together. Elle Decor The white canvas cushions are the perfect backdrop to colorful pillows and accessories.  These would be so easy to change for each season.

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    Black and Gold shoes

    Thoughts On A Rainy Sunday In June

    I LOVE Sundays!

    Here it is the middle of June and it is only 58 degrees out with a light drizzle.  It’s a cup of hot tea and sweat shirt kind of afternoon.  The pace of life is slowed a little on Sundays.  Our house takes on a different atmosphere than other days of the week.  

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    Black and Gold Kitchen

    Black and Gold Interiors

    Today I am especially loving these black and gold interiors

    Do you have Black and Gold fever?  If you live in Boston, Massachusetts or even New England it is hard to avoid this color scheme today.  The most enthusiastic sports fans in the country live here and the anticipation of tonight’s Stanley Cup Playoff game is evident everywhere you go.

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    Amy's room when she was three.

    My Little Girl Dreams Came True

    The dreams of a 7 years old

    Growing up the baby sister to two brothers left me lots of time for imaginative girl play.  Two things I recall doing was playing house (I made floor plans by raking pine needles into blue print style rooms) and playing with baby dolls. I was about seven when I declared that I would one day have a doll named Amy.  

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    My Inspiration Board

    Inspiration Board

    Where do you look when you need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing?

    Interior Design Inspiration Board

    An interior design inspiration board of magazine clippings, fabrics, positive comments and anything that makes my heart sing. This is the place I look when I need to spark creativity for the finishing details of a one of a kind window treatment.

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    Sunday Thoughts~I’m Ready for Spring. Are You?

    Spring officially begins in less than 2 hours! YAY!  Some springtime rituals are taking place around here.  It feels so good!
  • The snow IS melting here in central Massachusetts.  I can see grass on about 40% of our front yard.
  • Daffodils are sprouting in the garden on the south side near the warm foundation.
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    New England Finery Magazine

    The snow is gently falling, giving the ground a fresh white coat.  A quiet and peaceful New England winter day to stay inside and catch up on some reading. My favorite read today is the newest digital magazine, New England Finery Magazine. The photography is exquisite, the articles timely and the layout is clean and elegant.  

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    Embroidery Detail

    Favorite Fabrics

    I am passionate about this fabric.  It is from a collection that has been out a few years by RM Coco.  Every time I am searching for a fabric for a client and come across this my heart skips a beat. Favorite Fabric-100% embroidered silk from India- A RM Coco Exclusive Sadly, I have never used this colorway in any of my designs.  

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