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A comfortable, beautiful and secure home is a key component of a simply luxurious life. Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life by Shannon Ables. More on the blog - Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

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In my search for design and lifestyle podcasts, I discovered The Simple Sophisticate in iTunes.

I like to listen to something uplifting and inspiring while driving or on my daily walks.  The Simple Sophisticate weekly podcast faithfully shows up in the downloads on my iPhone early Monday mornings. It’s presented by Shannon Ables who is a self professed Francophile and English teacher in Oregon. She offers 20-30 minutes of insights of “pairing intelligent living with signature style”.

She shares my philosophy of enhancing your life with the simple things to create a fulfilling life.  Her blog, The Simply Luxurious Life, features “refined living on an everyday income”.

First the blog then a podcast could only mean a book would be next.  Her new book arrived early December.  Shannon’s book was included in the recent sneak peak of my inner sanctuary. I bought mine on Amazon.

Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life

A Modern Women’s Guide

By Shannon Ables

Choosing the Simply Luxurious Life by Shannon Ables On The Bookshelf of Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

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Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life is a delightful mix of advice for your signature style, creating a sanctuary, radiating beauty, maintaining healthy relationships, entertaining stylishly, traveling the world and elevating the simple pleasures in life to an art form. Shannon Ables teaches how to live simple luxuriously!

Read more about the book on her site.


"Living in an environment that comforts, soothes and nourishes us is critical to a balanced and energized life " - Shannon Ables On The Bookshelf of Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

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Praises to Shannon Ables for stylish writing on a subject I am always trying to encourage my clients to embrace.  It’s not about entertaining in your home for the 3 big holidays.  It’s about creating a home where you and your family can thrive.

The two quotes above bring all of her sophisticated advice back to the home environment.  Elevating our everyday lives begins in our personal sanctuary called home.

How do you live a fulfilling life?

For me, it’s all about the balance of life and work, which if you know me, you’ve heard me say “I don’t work, I play”.  I’ve been blessed to convert my passion, which I found at a very young age, into a business that I love. Fortunately, my studio is in my home so I get to enjoy all of the luxuries of a beautiful home while I work on creating beautiful homes for my clients.  How simply luxurious is that?

What simple luxuries do you treat yourself to?

My favorite luxuries are morning coffee in my reading chair, a bubbly tub, fresh flowers on the kitchen table, blending a fruit and vegetable smoothie, burning a scented candle, making a new recipe for dinner and snuggling in my favorite blanket while watching tv.



Contact me today, I will guide you in the best decision to make your house into a home you love to live in.

Hiring a professional, saves you time, frustration and money.

You, your family, your house and office deserve it!

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