The Beach House Series – Cape Cod Beach To Window Treatments

The Beach House Series

Beachcombing For Shell Window Treatments

Rippled Sand

Shell window treatments start by a favorite pastime for many Cape Cod beach lovers.  Exploring the beach at low tide leaves miles of sand and it’s treasures exposed.

Sandy Neck large clam shell on Cape Cod. Made into shell window treatments for a Yarmouth, MA beach house. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian www.windowdesignsetc.comI’ve found thousands of large clam or quahog shells along the beaches of Cape Cod Bay. Being a firm believer inspiration is everywhere, using these, somehow, to create an uber custom window treatment for a beach house needed to happen.

Beach decor design materials for a Cape Cod blue, white and yellow master bedroom with shell window treatments. Fabrics and shells for Cape bedroom. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

They look fabulous with the materials chosen for the Cape Cod master bedroom.  So beachy!

Beach to the Window


I design with the idea, now to get ‘r done.  Design ideas come easily to me, engineering them is where my innovative husband comes in. (We really do make a great team).  We went to our favorite Holden, MA hardware store, Jed’s, to get some hardware. I love the catalog of orderly sliding boxes that hold all of the hardware “stuff”.

Materials for shell window treatments. Shells and hardware. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian www.windowdesignsetc.comThis is what we bought.  I had the decorative brass posts in my own stash of parts.  All of the metal was painted white, the shells were left natural. Super heavy adhesive putty was also used to attach the shells to the hardware.

White post into wall for shell window treatments. Cape Cod. Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian www.windowdesignsetc.comHardware going up, so excited, window treatments coming soon!

Clam shell mounted to hold shell window treatments in Yarmouth, MA Cape Cod bedroom.  See more Window Designs Etc. by Marie Mouradian

Ta Da! The shells found on Brewster flats and Sandy Neck are now holdups for this Cape Cod window treatment.


What do you think?  Like it or hate it?


What do you have that you could repurpose into a creative window treatment?


Please check back soon for the rest of the master bedroom window treatment reveal


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